About Germaxco

Reputable multi-discipline logistics Group
From our humble beginnings in freight forwarding in 1993, we have built a reputable multi-discipline Logistics Group, with capabilities in sea, land and air freight that span diverse logistic needs across many industries. We are experienced and equipped to handle general cargo as well as cold storage and hazardous chemicals; and we move fast with our own fleet, prime movers and container haulage expertise.

In our bid to provide our customers with the most competitive freight rates for all destinations worldwide, we have aggressively sourced for the best value from reliable carriers, and adopted practices in cargo management that are most efficient. Over the years, we have forged strong relationships with many carriers making transactions economical and effective for our customers globally.

As we honed our skills in voluminous document management and helped our customers in their supply chain management, we naturally extended our business support roles to corporate and accounting services, and IT consultancy. Many of our freight forwarding customers engaged us to support them in these areas, and appreciate our personalised attention and service to make it easier for them to run their businesses. Leveraging on our one-stop integrated services, our customers enjoy cost-savings and greater convenience when they work with Germaxco.

With Atmosphere Concept and Supplies established since 2009 added to our Group, we are able to continue to extend our support to our customers in their relocation, interior design and office maintenance needs.



The Germaxco logo consists of a symbol that depicts four outward-reaching directional arrows that emanate from the letter G, along with the Germaxco name, expressed in two strong colours of red and blue.


The red colour applied in the letter G represents two core values of the Germaxco team – Loyalty and Passion. Germaxco values long-term relationships with its customers, stakeholders and employees, and also demonstrates enthusiasm in all things it does. These two values drive the Germaxco team to achieve both organisational and personal goals, and their symbiotic relationship is conveyed in the 3D effect for the letter G, where the talents and efforts of each and every staff come together (in lighter tint) to form the collective strengths of the Germaxco company (solid G).


The blue arrows spring out in four key directions from the nexus of Germaxco (letter G), illustrating Germaxco’s proactive stance in going the distance for its customers. The arrows originate from Germaxco’s offering of one-stop services, reaching outwards through the provision of freight and logistics, accounts and IT services, office design and relocation, demonstrating how Germaxco supports its customers in more ways than one.


The Germaxco name positioned on the right side of the symbol creates a sense of visual balance and communicates the name of the Group. Adopting the Helvetica Neue typeface for a corporate yet modern impression of its brand, the Germaxco name aggregates the initial alphabets of the phrase “Germinating Maximum Cooperation”. This reflects its basis for offering a comprehensive range of logistics and business solutions to its customers, supporting customers in the most number of productive ways feasible, and through the mutually beneficial partnerships, promote growth for both the customer and Germaxco.


From a geographical perspective and heritage value, Germaxco is proud to be a Singapore brand, and sees resemblance with its home country that also commonly bears the red colour in identity, and for having determination to attain a global presence despite the small size of its population.

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